Each year so many deserving animals are tragically put to sleep, seemingly beyond help, seemingly beyond hope. One of them would have been AMIGO...

Our Mission

Amigo and FriendAMIGO'S FUND was founded to give second chances to animals like AMIGO who, because of abuse and/or neglect require extensive medical rehabilitative care at a cost that is not always an option given the high volume of homeless animals brought to The Humane Society of Grand Bahama, Bahamas Humane Society, and other shelters throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean.

AMIGO'S FUND will serve to help sponsor Spay/Neuter initiatives for which AMIGO was a compelling and inspiring representative during his lifetime and will endeavor in times of crisis and disaster to help others in need.

AMIGO'S FUND honors the rich potential of our precious 'potcakes'* of whom AMIGO was so shining an example in hope that they too as well as all animals are given their chance to live lives steeped in love and the care they deserve as loyal and beloved friends.

* colloquial name for Bahamian mongrel dogs so called because they were traditionally fed the 'cake' from the bottom of the pot of peas and rice, the Bahamian staple dish.

Amigo and Bahamian Flag