The Amigo's Fund Story

AMIGO'S FUND is a Charitable Trust, established in October of 2008, governed by the laws of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The objectives of The Trust are "the advancement of the care, interest and well being of animals throughout The Bahamas and elsewhere..." The Trust was founded to perpetuate the legacy of AMIGO after his untimely passing in 2007.

Amigo is presented the "ARF Ambassador of Goodwill" Award by actor Alec Baldwin with Frances Hayward and Bill Grimmer.
Whilst the immediate objectives of The Trust are the alleviating of animal suffering throughout The Bahamas, and Grand Bahama in particular, as AMIGO'S birthplace, it is entirely sympathetic and cognizant of the vast well of need in regard to animal protection throughout the Caribbean and the world at large.

Donations to AMIGO'S FUND will be specifically used to pay for the rehabilitation of animals whose woeful, yet treatable physical condition may have otherwise made them a sad 'candidate' for euthanasia. The Trust will also help sponsor spay/neuter/population control initiatives, in the confirmed belief that this is the only possible solution to the problem of pet over population, which results in the vast suffering of innocent animals.

Amigo, featured as 'Poster Dog' for the Grand Bahama Humane Society's Spay/Neuter Programme.
Amigo Painting